You can pass your examination together with other students in the classroom on the day determined well in advance. But it is also possible to arrange an individual term.

Some examinations can be made via computer so that teachers send you one or more questions which you answer in the form of an essay. Such an examination requires that you know the main points of the study materials. At the same time you must know how to write essays, comparisons, reports and analyses and put in the final product also some independent thinking. Such examinations have deadlines and/or time limits.

It is advisable that you start preparing for such essays immediately after you have finished studying materials. You should read the questions carefully and several times to understand what kind of answer is required. If you do not understand one or more words, try to find the meaning in the dictionary. Be careful about what the teacher wants: does he/she say that you should describe, explain, quote, make a scheme etc. These words are important and have different meaning.

First find the required theme in the study materials, read it, underline important things, and make a short plan, what you are going to write. Then start to make notes with your own words. If you copy one or more sentences, you should make citation marks. Then print what you have written, edit in a more organized form and add your thoughts about the problems. Be creative at this point. At the end put down a list of literature.

Your essay should contain a short introduction (what you are going to write about, what is your intention, your objectives, what methods you are going to use, what results are expected). The main themes should be presented in logical order and in paragraphs. Do not write about anything that is not necessary for the examination. Put down a short conclusion at the end – sum up essential findings and describe the literature.

You should not leave writing of such essays till the last days of your deadline because you will not have time to think about the problems from different points of view or to discuss questions with your friends nor to edit the essay.

If you can include graphs, some numbers and similar, this can improve the mark because the teacher feels that you can express your thoughts by graphic and quantitative data.
Almost every written essay means a limited number of words with which you present your ideas. You should consider these limits – more or less words can lower your mark.