Future Jobs

Hundred years ago people mainly lived of agriculture but today this sector offers only few posts. Fifty years ago, there were many jobs in industry. Today there are more jobs in the service sector. All the developed countries report that they have more and more firms in the service sector which will offer new opportunities for employment also in the future. In the USA, in West European countries and in Slovenia there is an increase of posts in business, trade, finances, health area and different personal services. Typical for the contemporary economy is increase of small private business, there are also more and more temporary and part-time jobs. Employers also require higher and higher degrees of education.

In the future there will be more opportunities for career in the following areas:

  • Small business: administrative work, management, marketing, sales, real estate.
  • Administration and organization: secretarial, administrative, financial area, tax counselling.
  • Technical area: construction, traffic, engineering.
  • Intellectual: research, science, health, social work.
  • Creative: music, dancing, theatre, journalism, professional sports, advertising, fashion, architecture, design, photography.
  • Social and personal services: education, social work, counselling, cosmetics.