Why plan career development?

Young people plan their career development to make a good decision about study or work which they want to perform in the future. Those who are already employed plan career because they do not like their job, because they cannot be promoted, because they feel they would like to make a change in their life, because they are afraid of losing their job, because they graduated from some another area or wish to find a job which will enable them to do something also for their family or children.

If we want to make a good career decision we must take into account the labour market as well as our wishes and skills. When evaluating the job market we must know which posts have perspective, examine those that we do not know, and evaluate our possibilities for a career. When thinking about our wishes and skills we should find out what we actually want to do, which job we would like to perform and for which job we have proper education. This is the basis for further actions, which include education and job seeking.