Helping you to find a job

People seek jobs in different ways. Among the most known are applications to companies that publish advertisements in newspapers and circular letters. It is possible to find a job also by asking about vacant posts as many people as possible and let them know that we are interested in employment. There are also many different institutions that help to find a job, among them especially The Employment Service of Slovenia and organizations that search personnel for different employers.

People seeking jobs must check newspapers that publish advertisements every day. In Slovenia there are advertisements especially in the newspaper Delo. One can send application if he/she roughly corresponds to the requirements of the advertisement. Employers usually ask for some work experience. If we have them, we must describe them as clearly as possible. If we do not have much work experience we describe just the tasks that we have performed. One can describe work experience in some other area and show the employer that he/she can quickly learn something new. It is also possible that the employer will like our personal characterstics presented in the application.

Very frequent and successful is job search by circular letters. This method is successful especially for those who are unemployed or seek the first employment, and for those who wish to change employment. People who want to get employment by circulars must write about 300 job offers to find a job.

If we seek employment by circular letters we have no competition. If a company needs somebody with education and work experience that we have it is very likely that we will be invited to a job interview and start working for the firm. It is not relevant that the majority of the organizations to whom a job seeker will write a circular do not need an employee, refuse the letter or do not answer at all. One should expect this as something usual and not complain or become pessimistic about it. It is enough that we are invited to just one job interview.