Recognition of completed activities

IBS ensures full recognition for satisfactorily completed activities of study mobility and traineeships in terms of credits awarded (ECTS or compatible system.). IBS ensures the inclusion of satisfactorily completed study and/or traineeship mobility activities in the final record of student achievements (Diploma Supplement).
IBS conducts the Bologna BA programme International Business and uses the ECTS credit system which enables students to gather 60 ECTS in an academic year and/or 180 ECTS in 3 years. IBS acknowledges study obligations made on foreign universities. The courses must be comparable regarding the contents, requirements and credit points. Students can study at a partner institution for one semester and are supposed to gather at least 20 ECTS or two semesters and are expected to achieve 40 ECTS; they can pass individual examinations and complete their diploma thesis. In the case of traineeship students can achieve 20 ECTS for 400 hours of practical work. When students return to Slovenia they must ask for acknowledgement of the passed examinations and show the Transcript of Records. Acknowledgement of the acquired ECTS is made by the Committee for Students' Issues. IBS acknowledges also ECTS acquired during summer schools.

IBS charges no fees, in the case of credit mobility, to incoming mobile students for tuition, registration, examinations or access to laboratory and library facilities.

IBS ensures equal academic treatment and services for home students and staff and incoming mobile participants. Mentoring and support arrangements are defined by the Regulations on mobility. Mobile participants receive the name, the phone number and the e-address of the person who they can contact any time. IBS offers international students general information regarding the culture and everyday life of the host country. Domestic students are encouraged to help foreign students explaining everyday happenings. There are the academic mentors who take care that foreign students are acquainted with course timetables, attendance, coursework, relationships with academic staff etc. In the case of traineeships, special mentors help students both in the enterprise as well as in the IBS. All participants are provided with linguistic support.
IBS offers several courses which are given completely in English or in other European languages. Each of the courses is taught also by guest lecturers from abroad. When a course is given mainly in Slovenian language, the students can still get the study materials and pass examinations in English. Besides, IBS offers students also short (survival) courses of Slovenian language. Students can obtain credits for the courses of foreign languages. Language support is offered also to the staff.

IBS recognizes mobility achievements by allocating the students grades and credits for study and traineeship. Having passed the examinations the students obtain grades which are clearly explained (also in English). The Transcript of Records contains the number of ECTS for individual courses, for traineeship in an enterprise and for diploma thesis. The Transcript of Records is stamped by IBS and signed by the Dean. All students who complete their diploma thesis at IBS obtain the diploma supplement (using the template, English). Slovenian students submit an application with the Transcript of Records to the IBS Committee for Students' Issues that recognizes the acquired ECTS.