Partners of the project “Empowering teachers for a student-centred approach” agreed that the following activities and results should be maintained after the end of the EU funding:

1) The research study has been published in peer-reviewed and professional journals, on the web sites of the participating institutions and on Google Scholar. This enables further use of the project results by all interested in the student-centred approach. The publications are in English, Slovenian, Polish and Lithuanian.

2) We will continue completing the e-handbook with new cases of good practices also after the project has been finished. Till the end of 2017 we gathered 10 new practices and published them on the web sites.

3) The teachers interested in the student-centred approach will publish new articles in different newspapers. Till the end of 2017 the following new articles were published:
Knyvienė I., Perkumienė D., Butėnas R. (2016) „Importance of methods using in a student-centred process“ Taikomieji tyrimai studijose ir praktikoje, ISSN 2029-1280, CEEOL IDB
Knyvienė I., Perkumienė D., Marinko I., Gołębiowski A.: Lithuanian, Polish and Slovenian Case in Experience of Different Methods Using in a Student-Centred Proces. Socialinis ugdymas / Social education. ISSN 1392-9569; E-ISSN 2351-6011, 2017, t. 45, Nr. 1 / Vol. 45, No. 1, 2017, p. 14-28. IDB (Index copernicus, EBSCO .
Marinko I. (2017) Vključevanje na študente osredotočenega pristopa v IBS Mednarodno poslovno šolo Ljubljana. IBS Poročevalec, Vol. 7, No. 2:

4) We acquaint with the student-centred approach all our novice lecturers and students at the beginning of each academic year.

5) We continue speaking about the project at different conferences and symposia, especially in Poland where conferences attract large numbers of university teachers and students:
01/10/2016, at beginning of the academic year 2016/2017, 500 participants: Dean of WSH Radom, Dr. Gerard Paul Maj spoke about the project Empowering teachers for a student-centred approach and invited to further development in this area.
11/10/2016, Faculty of Social Sciences Board, 30 participants, Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Adam Ziółkowski, explained that the Faculty follows the methods of the student-centred learning.
13/01/2017, International conference on the role of work in the process of resocialization, organized in the prison of Radom, 100 participants: Dr. Andrzej Gołębiowski told that WSH Radom was following the project “Empowering teachers for a student-centred approach” and introducing new pedagogical methods and practices.
19/04/2017, Meeting of the heads and students’ government, 60 participants: Dr. Gołębiowski encouraged the participants to use the methods of student-centred learning.
22/04/2017, International Scientific conference Start, 250 participants: Elżbieta Kielska – president of WSH Radom described the project Empowering teachers for a student-centred approach.
23/06/2017, Meeting of the Senate of WSH, 60 participants: Dr. Andrzej Gołębiowski, vice-president of WSH reported on introduction of the student-centred learning.
The partnership also plans to make another project on student-centred and/or personalised approach and establish a model student-centred institution and try to completely personalise the studies.

Project coordinator:
IBS International Business School Ljubljana
Dr. Irena Marinko

New practices to improve the student-centred approach


Invitation to teachers and students

All teachers and students are kindly invited to contribute their experiences with student-centred learning.