Is BA from IBS International Business School Ljubljana recognized like BAs of other Slovenian colleges?
Yes, accreditation documents are on the web site http://www.ibs.si/index.php/sl/pravilniki-in-akreditacija.

Are all the lectures on Mencingerjeva 7, Ljubljana or do they take place in different buildings in Ljubljana?
All lectures are in the building on Mencingerjeva 7 in Ljubljana.

Are there any parking places in the vicinity?
Yes, in front and behind the College there are about 50 parking lots.

When are the office hours?
Every day from 8.00 to 12.00 a.m.; during the academic year also in the afternoon before lectures. It is possible to call 040 561896 at any time.
Are all lectures in English?
Slovenian lecturers usually speak Slovenian and foreign lecturers in English.
What are the tuition fees in comparison with other Slovenian colleges?
The fees are comparable with those of other Slovenian colleges. If you register till the end of June, the tuition fee is 2375 EUR, if in August, it is 2500 EUR. The tuition fee includes all the costs (students do not have additional costs for study materials, for provisional registration, for different acknowledgements, for diploma etc.).

Are diploma, acknowledgement of exams, repetition of exams, individual exams etc. included in the yearly tuition fee?
Yes, they are included.

My son registered for a Faculty, passed some examinations but found out that he cannot be an active sportsman and regularly pass examinations. Do you think that he could manage both in your College?
We will do our best to help him. He will have to sit for examinations like other students but there are individual terms each week. If he might find a subject difficult, the lecturer will help him understand the problems. Students have the possibility to choose the orientation that they like and this motivates them to study. A number of students like International Business with Sustainable Development because it contains many environmental and ethical themes.

My daughter passed only four examinations in a College. She had problems with the subject Accounting and finances and stopped with her studies. Does your program include this subject?
Yes, also our students have to pass Accounting and finances. It is not supposed as the most important subject but it is obligatory. We have a very good lecturer who knows how to make these themes interesting and students usually pass it.

What is acceleration of studies?
Acceleration means that a student studies faster than provided by study plan and e. g. completes his/her studies in two years instead of three. Acceleration is popular with students who have some subjects acknowledged and/or want to graduate as quickly as possible because they have the possibility to be promoted to another job which requires BA.

How is it possible that somebody who is employed studies only two years?
Such students study and pass examinations also during holidays. They usually have rich work experience and this also helps to successfully finish the studies.

Are there any conditions for acceleration?
Yes, students should have high average marks and they must send an application to the Committee for Students' Issues.

Is it possible to complete the studies in 6 months?
No, it is not.

What is student-friendly study of foreign languages?
The lecturers of foreign languages do not correct your mistakes all the time but help you understand the materials and express your thoughts in foreign languages. The texts which you discuss are pleasant and try to make you talk and laugh. Nobody grudges if you cannot remember a word. The atmosphere is relaxed.

Don't you find contemporary study of foreign languages too easy? When I studied we learned a lot of grammar, different tenses, phrases etc. – is this no more important?
Many modern lecturers of foreign languages find it more important that students are relaxed when speaking and that they do not think just about grammar.

What does it mean to combine distance study and regular study?
Students can regularly visit lectures of e.g. foreign languages but can work independently for another subject (e.g. Business documentation).

How is distance study organized? Is the system fully automated?
It is not. Also when studying by distance study you can call a person who is well acquainted with study problems and can ask for help (if necessary by phone). You will find more information on this study on http://www.ibs.si/index.php/en/distance-study.

Are there any young students, any women?
There are about half women and half men who are from 20 to 60 years old and get on well with each other.

Do you acknowledge examinations passed in other colleges?
The Committee for Students' Issues can acknowledge quite some examinations passed in other colleges, e. g. Business organization, Business economics, Business law, Public administration, Business informatics etc.

I studied at the Faculty for Medicine where subjects are quite different from those in a Business College. It is probably not possible that you acknowledge any subjects.
The Committee for Students' Issues will be probably able to acknowledge at least three subjects passed at the Faculty (as electives).

I work in the accounting department but have not passed any examinations from this subject. I will probably have to pass the examination from Accounting and finances?
It is possible to ask the Committee for Students' Issues to acknowledge your work as informally acquired knowledge.

I worked in U.K. one year and speak English very well but have no official certificates. Shall I have to sit for examinations B 2, C 1.1 and Business English?
You will have to pass the examinations. If you know English well (which is quite possible) you do not need to listen to the lectures but can apply to sit for examinations.

My English is rather poor and I am afraid to speak in a foreign language. How shall I participate in lectures of foreign professors? Are their lectures obligatory?
No lectures are obligatory but we recommend that students come as regularly as possible. Foreign lecturers do not start their lectures with immediate discussion but usually speak themselves for the first two hours and then make discussions. You take part in the discussion if you want to. If you still feel uncomfortable after two hours you can just listen. However the majority of students start speaking after twenty minutes when they see that they understand everything and that also their schoolmates make mistakes when speaking.

Why is it necessary to study how to write letters and e-mails – doesn’t everybody know it?
One can find bad mistakes in almost any letter or e-mail therefore the subject Business documentation is necessary.

Why do you discuss ethics with almost every subject?
We believe that it is necessary and possible to do a lot in this area.

What are typical themes of International business with sustainable development?
This orientation has a number of business subjects and subjects in the fields of environment, ecology, how to harmonize ecology, economics, costs, waste control, pollution, ethical questions, green innovations with business etc.

I do not see any connection between international business and public administration.
Contemporary public administration services in EU and in other parts of the world get connected in most different projects and also public administration starts to function according to economic principles.

You say that IBS is student-centred but lecturers still give students mainly marks expressed in numbers (only 23 % in explanations). Isn't 23 % rather poor?
Yes, we must improve this in future. We also have the intention to adapt the study materials to the needs of students.

Is it possible to call the dean and discuss the problems a student might have?
Yes, you can call 040 561896. The dean answers every call.

Do you provide exchange of students?
Yes, we have Erasmus charter and a number of exchange agreements (e.g. with Australia, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Poland etc.).

Does it have any sense to study in these times when it is not possible to find a job?
Almost all our students are employed. They do not all work in the field of import/export but come also from public administration and some have jobs in quite other areas. Students do not study just to get competences for a certain area but also to develop their personal characteristics which are as important as knowledge. It is possible to find job also in these times – you just have to write enough job applications (about 300 or more).

Where is it possible to see the contents of individual subjects?
On http://www.ibs.si/index.php/en/courses-with-ects.  

What can we write for diploma?
There are a number of themes on http://www.ibs.si/index.php/sl/teme-diplomskih-nalog, but you can choose your own theme according to your interests.

Do you have students of other nationalities?
Yes, they study and pass examinations in English. All study materials and examinations are available in English and in Slovenian.

How do we get study materials? Do you have enough textbooks in the IBS Library?
IBS Library has some copies of each study material. However, students mainly study from materials which are selected and prepared by professors of individual subjects. Students can get slides, additional materials and often also questions for repetition.

Is it necessary to buy textbooks?

How many examinations are supposed to be passed in one academic year?
About 8.

Which study level students achieve after completing BA International Business?

Can I continue with MA studies after graduation from BA International Business?

Can the tuition fee be paid by the work organization?
You send the order and we forward the invoice to the work organization.

I am unemployed, how shall I pass the subject Practical work?
You will present the tasks that you had performed before you lost your job. We can arrange practical work also here in IBS.

I work in quite another area than international business. How shall I pass the subject Practical work?
Each work place contains tasks that are transferable from one to another area. E.g. communication, following legal regulations, using foreign languages, work organization and other tasks are performed on each work place. It is probable that you already perform these tasks but are not aware of it. Our mentor for Practical work will show you which tasks and duties are transferable.

When are the terms for examinations?
Regular terms are known in the beginning of October and take place every month. Individual terms are every Friday at 9.00 a.m. (also during holidays).